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Blanchard Energy offers a wide range of temperature control equipment specifically designed for the rental industry. This modern fleet includes chillers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and cooling in both skid-mounted and trailer-mounted configurations.

Our dedicated staff of industry experts will design, install, service, and operate a custom solution to meet your specific temperature control rental needs. We can also help your team develop a contingency plan to decrease your downtime in the event of an emergency – or an unplanned increase in utilization needs.

Search Our Rental Temperature Control Units:

Air Conditioners                                                    Chillers​Temp-Rental-Air-Conditioning-(1).jpg Temp-Rental-Chillers.jpg

Heaters                                                        Dehumidifiers​
Temp-Rental-Heater.jpg  Dehumidifier-Image-Tab.jpg

                         Cooling Towers

Industries and Applications Served:

  • Petrochemical: Vessel Cooling, Process Cooling, Emergency Cooling, Reactor Cooling
  • Construction: Concrete Cooling, Space Heating and Cooling, Fresh Air Supply
  • Utility: Transformer Cooling, Turbine Inlet Cooling, Control Cooling
  • Manufacturing: MCC Cooling, Dehumidification, Emergency Cooling, Motor Cooling
  • Events: Heating and Cooling for Temporary Structures

For more information on the right Temperature Control unit for your needs,

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