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Cat® Natural Gas Engines provided by Blanchard Power Systems are driving some powerful new changes in the way we see our world. We offer a large selection of gas generators for sale in South Carolina that will help you meet your company’s specific power needs. All specifications offer the rugged reliability and durability you expect from Caterpillar®. These gen sets have the fuel flexibility to burn low energy landfill gas, or biogas, as an environmentally sound alternative fuel source.

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Our Gas Generators Offer a Wide Range of Important Benefits

Gas is readily available, which eliminates the need to store additional fuel supplies at your facility. Natural gas burns cleaner than other fuels and emits a minimal amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This safe form of fuel can be used with industrial generators, as natural gas tends to pose fewer health risks. With a generator that is relatively inexpensive to operate and maintain, your business saves time and maintains your bottom line.

We’ll Help You Choose the Right Gas Generator for You

Our collection of gas generators range from 60 to 9700kW which makes it challenging to find the perfect piece of equipment for your business. Blanchard Power Systems sales specialists simplify the selection process by providing a high level of product knowledge and expertise to help you make an informed buying decision. In addition to natural gas, you also have the option to select from biogas and coal gas generators for sale. 

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